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Swans 2-3 Yrs

When our cygnets are ready they become swans. This is usually around the age of two years.

Our swans are based on the ground floor where the children can access the nursery garden and outdoor play equipment. The room is planned so that they can be used flexibly and an appropriate range of activities can be provided.

Quiet areas provide a relaxed atmosphere with the opportunity for children to rest and sleep as and when they wish.

Our bathroom is specially designed to meet the toileting needs of all the children under 5 years. Our trained staff work closely with parents to ensure each individual child’s needs are met through each stage in their development.

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage to give all children the best opportunities for effective development and learning from birth to five years. There is a clear planning for the two to three year olds, and activities are appropriate for their age, providing opportunities and experiences both indoors and outdoors. Children are able to choose an activity that interests them, as well as other planned activities.

Our staff will ensure the needs of each child are met when in our care and we will respond sensitively to their feelings, ideas and behaviour.

Our experienced cook provides healthy and nutritious meals and snacks, with the involvement from the children and their parents.