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Ducks & Ducklings 3-4 Yrs

Our Ducks and ducklings are based on the ground floor with access to two delightful activity rooms, with access to the outdoors throughout the day.

Free sessions for 3-4 years olds are available.  Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage to give all children the best opportunities for effective learning and development. It consists of seven areas of learning which are Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Communicaton and Language, Physical development, Mathematics, Literacy, Understanding of the World and Expressive Art and Design


Further information on the Early Years Foundation Stage is also available on request.
Our qualified and experienced staff ensure that the learning environment provided plenty of activities and experiences for your child’s learning journey.

By working together with you we will provide a positive impact on your child’s development and learning.  We now use tapestry as a way of recording and sharing your childs learning and development whilst at nursery.  A tapestry app can be downloaded to your phone and a secure password will be given so you can view your childs online learning journal at anytime.

You will be welcome to visit the nursery to share your knowledge and skills. An individual member of staff takes responsibility for your child, and will be pleased to discuss your child’s progress and any other issues.